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Property Tracking Technology and Rural Crime

The use of technology to help tackle the issue of rural crime was unveiled on Monday as the Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Tina Beaudry-Mellor unveiled BeeSecure- a new tracking device and app that can help locate stolen property or alert owners about irregular activity. BeeSecure was designed by Jeff Shirley, founder and chief executive officer of Rivercity Technology Services Ltd., as part of Innovation Saskatchewan's Rural Crime Innovation Challenge. The challenge was designed in collaboration with the Ministry of Corrections and Policing and focused on the use of technology as a solution to improve the safety and security of rural citizens and property. Following a 16-week residency program with the Ministry of Corrections and Policing, BeeSecure is currently being tested in the Rural Municipality of Mayfield, and the initial results are very promising. Over the summer, Innovation Saskatchewan will determine other areas that may be addressed through the Innovation Challenge.

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