Southwest Ranchers Benefit From PDAP Funding
12/07/2017 - Government Relations Minister Larry Doke has announced that the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program will provide financial assistance to grazing lands damaged by wildfires. Typically PDAP does not provide assistance for wildfire losses, because most fire losses are insurable, Doke said. However, tame and native grazing lands are not insurable. This adjustment will fill that gap and provide Saskatchewan producers with additional peace of mind, and help ensure that operations affected by wildfire can recover sooner. Earlier this fall, southwestern Saskatchewan experienced extreme winds as well as unprecedented grassfires which burned across more than 36,000 hectares of mixed-use farmland. While the majority of damages from the fires were insurable, PDAP conducted stakeholder consultations and identified some types of grazing lands that may qualify for assistance. Producers that have suffered wildfire damages to tame and native lands intended for grazing can now apply for assistance providing feed to affected livestock. A claimant must meet all the program's eligibility criteria which can be found at


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